What Is The Role Of Paramedic On An Air Ambulance?

A paramedic on an air ambulance has a very similar role to that of a paramedic in a regular ambulance.

  • They are highly trained professionals who are in charge of a patient during the flight.
  • They may triage the patient and determine whether or not they can stabilize the patient during the transport.
  • They may pick up patients at the scene of an accident and will be the senior health care professional on site.
  • They will work with or without the help of an assistant.
  • This assistant will help them with the tasks at hand.

mqdefaultThey will determine the condition of the patient and give the required medications or oxygen as required. They will have the highest tech equipment available to use and will require training on said equipment. They will understand how each equipment item works and how to properly administer it.

They will be an ongoing training and have a pre set amount of experience that is required. They will have worked in a trauma center and be familiar with several facilities in a specific radius. They will have trained extensively in flight and know how to make a quick life saving decision as required. They will be in contact with the receiving facility during the medical flight. They must maintain their certification and pass classes on a regular basis in order to maintain their job position.

This is a highly technical position that will require ongoing training, pre certification, extensive hours in a trauma center and the ability to remain calm when everyone else is screaming or highly stressed. They will have their pick of a variety of shifts including holidays, weekends and evenings as well as early morning shifts. They will be a team player and work well with their co workers in flight at all times.

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Finding A Reliable Transport Team For Organ Transplants

Finding a compatible organ to transplant on a patient can be time consuming. This is the reason why once the organ is found, proper and efficient means of transporting the same is needed. The only fast way to have the organ picked and dropped in record time is by the use of an air medical jet services. Jet ambulances provide the fastest means of moving parts from one place to the other, without affecting the viability, or endangering the patient’s life. The team transporting the organ needs to be well trained and experienced too. By using the best team for the job, the patient will have the organ in its best state, hence save his/her life.


What makes a great organ transport team?

front_medicsMany aspects need to be considered when choosing a team to transport an organ. To begin with, the team should be capable of working in solidarity, and have all the required skills and equipment to help make sure the organ being transported is in safe hands. In addition to this, this team should show professionalism as both the organ and the patient in waiting are in their arms.   This means the team should be responsible enough to make sure this organ is delivered within the shortest time, and in tiptop condition.

Aside from the air transport crew, those delivering the organ to the airport should have an excellent logistics team. How the organ is handled throughout the journey does matter a lot. Those en route with the organ should also possess professional skills on how to handle an organ, especially if the worst should happen on the way. They also need to be in constant communication with those in the airport to ensure no delays are encountered throughout the mission.


Transport equipment And Interiors

The equipment or devices used to keep the organ viable throughout the journey needs to be of the highest quality as well. These include automated aircraft pressurization units, whose main purpose is to ensure the organ is not affected by varying air pressure while on air. Research shows that air pressure changes drastically when the plane takes off and while landing. This change in pressure should in no way affect the organ being transported.

Other essential equipment required for organ transport include respirators, cardiac monitors, ventilators as well as a defibrillator. All these equipment and devices help make sure the organ is safe while on transit, and that its viability is not affected once delivered to the surgeons.


How to locate a reliable transport team for the organ

The only way you can find the best-fit transport team for an organ is by contacting various companies that offer air ambulance services. These service providers have contact of other teams on the ground, that are proven to offer the best services, especially when delivering organs to the airport for air transit. These specialists have a common goal, to save as many patients as they can. Checking into each company should help you determine which team is best for the service. You can also request your friends and acquaintances of help regarding the same. Major hospitals can also be helpful as they have contact of transport teams that they have used before to pick or deliver organs meant for transplanting. Read more about the types of air ambulance services here.

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What Are Medical Flights?

Medical flights are special flights on aircraft that have been repurposed to make them suitable for the transportation of ill or injured people. These aircrafts tend to have large doors so that they can accommodate the patient and any life-saving equipment that is needed for their comfort and safety.

Some medical flights companies specialize in air evacuation, collecting people who are seriously injured in remote areas and who need rapid transportation to a hospital. In the event of a car crash, fire or sporting accident in a remote location, seconds count, and getting a road vehicle to the injured party may be too difficult or time consuming. Airlifting an injured person is a good idea because the plane can get there quickly and the paramedics on the aircraft can perform basic first aid while the person is taken to somewhere better equipped to cope with the injury they have suffered.

angelmedflight jetOther medical flights are intended for the transportation of patients from one hospital to another. If someone needs highly specialist care, and the local hospital is not equipped to provide that care, the hospital may decide that moving the person by air is quicker and safer, as well as more comfortable, than sending them in a traditional ambulance.

Many medical aircraft are equipped with dispensaries, life support equipment, IVs, defibrillators and other tools, and the flight crew includes paramedics and/or nurses who have an understanding of how to take care of patients while they are being moved. The pilots are trained in safety and the operation of the aircraft, and understand how to keep the patient as comfortable as possible while they are in the air.

Companies that offer medical flights usually work with a few specific hospitals, and are able to provide bedside to bedside care for the patients, staying in touch with the case manager for each patient and keeping them informed while the patient is on the move. They will monitor the patients and provide them with the medication and general care that they need.

Many of the people transported on medical flights in California have suffered serious injuries, including head trauma or respiratory failure. In these cases, speed is vital, and the paramedics will want to start treatment as quickly as possible so that the patient is stabilized before they are taken to a hospital.

There are a lot of different air evac or medical flight service providers in operation today, and while each provider will specialize in different areas, such as simple life support, patient transportation or critical care support, all air evac providers are required to meet certain basic standards. For example, they must make sure that any nurses and paramedics who work for them have completed rigorous training courses, and they must make sure that their aircraft are in a good state of repair and operated in compliance with FAA standards. These standards are there for the protection of both the patients who are taken in the plane, and other air users.

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Types Of Air Ambulance Services

Medical transport is one of the best ways to get to the hospital. However, what people do not realize is the different types of air ambulance services that are available for them to use. Without this information people may struggle in getting to enjoy the transport they are using because they are not aware of the medical transport that is available to them and how the air ambulance is able to help get them from the point of departure to the highest level of care possible.

Emergency Air Ambulance Transport – First Response Teams

SolomonrescueThe first type of transport the air ambulance is able to do is transporting people from the scene of a medical emergency or traumatic injury situation. When people are transported from these scenes by using the air transport they are going to go to the hospital quickly, but also have a higher level of care available to them compared to what most of the pre-hospital care providers can give to them.

Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Transport

Specialty Air Medical Transport Services - AMF CaliforniaA second transport that people will find is we are able to provide a high level of care while taking extremely ill or critical patients from one hospital to another. Some of the outlying hospitals are not equipped to handle specific medical emergencies to a high level of care. When this is the case, people are going to use the air medical transports in California to get them to the higher level of care to provide them with the right help, but also not lose any of the care they were getting on the ground. However, the air transports are also going to get people to the higher level of care faster than what people are used to and every second makes a difference when people are seriously ill.

Speed Of Air Medical Transports

Finally people need to realize the air ambulance can provide them with a fast transport. Generally people do not think about this, but when they are sick they want to get the hospital as quickly as possible. With the air ambulance, they can make it to the hospital quickly and avoid all the traffic that is present in most of the major cities.

People generally are going to look at the time they are sick and try to figure out how they can take care of themselves the best way possible. What some people do not realize is their first choice in hospitals may not be the best one. This is when people should know about the types of help air ambulance services are able to provide for them.

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Choosing a Company for Medical Flights

Medical flights are a service that are incredibly important for people who live in rural areas with limited health care facilities. Air evacuation and medical transportation is an essential, life-saving service that ensures that people who are injured get transport from the site of their accident to an appropriately equipped hospital as quickly as possible. Seconds count when you are injured, and an airlift is the best way to get people in the hands of the right specialists to treat their wounds.

Medical flights are often used for patients who need specialist treatment that their local hospital cannot provide. Instead of sending someone a long way in an ambulance, which can be both a risky and unpleasant experience for the patient, they are moved quickly and more safely in an aircraft.

In most cases, the people who are sent on medical flights have experienced serious trauma or are otherwise too unwell to move by road. They may be suffering from respiratory failure or a brain injury. They need sophisticated care, and will be looked after on the flight by a qualified nurse or paramedic.

There are a few different kinds of medical flight service, depending on the level of care that is needed. Some medical flights offer only simple life support. These are usually used for patients who are stable and are being moved in preparation for an operation. They may be given an IV, or need supplemental oxygen, but in general their condition is not too severe.

More Serious Health Conditions

amy vandyken videoPatients with more serious health conditions may be transported on a flight that offers advanced life support. They will be tended to by a team of nurses, and may need regular monitoring. They might require medication on a schedule, intravenous medication and other kinds of special care.

Critical care support for seriously ill or heavily injured people is offered on some flights. These patients may need care by a paramedic, and may need life-saving equipment. Some flights have defibrilators, oxygen, well-stocked dispensaries and other equipment, making them almost good enough to be considered a mobile hospital.

When to Use a Medical Flight

Medical flights are designed not only for emergency use, but also non-emergency use as well. While most companies choose the most fuel efficient vehicles, there is still the concern of carbon footprint. Journeys by air will always use more fuel than journeys by land, so health care professionals tend to recommend these journeys only when there is a clear need for them. This need is obvious in remote areas and for those who need life-saving care, however.

All aircraft that fly above 29,000ft are required to comply with strict FAA policies. Most medical flights do fly above this elevation, because it allows for faster travel, and tends to be more comfortable for the patients. The pilots and air crew operating these vehicles are fully trained in aircraft safety and regulations, and the comfort of the patients is always a priority when the plane is on the runway and in the air.

Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance California is able to provide medical flights to and from California. California, Florida and Arizona are among some our highest frequency flights right now.

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Air Ambulance Services Provide Top Level Care

Nothing is better than having the best care possible when people are going to the hospital for a medical emergency. However, some people will live way out and need to use a hospital that is not equipped to handle their type of injury. This is when people should know more about the air ambulance services and how these professionals can provide the top level of medical care that people need to have when they get sick or have to be moved from one hospital to another.

Nurses On A Medical Flight

Nurses are one of the main care providers when people are being transported on the air medical services. These nurses have typically underwent years of training to reach the level of care they can provide, but also have obtained multiple certifications in regards to the field that people are being treated in. For example, most of the nurses who are going to use an air ambulance is going to be trained in medical transport, but also in air medical transport. Something else some places require is the certification for the nurse as an critical care nurse, and this means they have taken courses specific to helping those who are critically ill or injured.

Paramedics On An Air Ambulance Flight

trained_medical_staff_patient_transportParamedics are the other type of care provider that is commonly found when using the air medical transports. These professionals are trained extensively on the pre-hospital setting and can provide emergency care to patients at a very high level. Typically the course work that paramedics take is compared to a crash course in medicine and this means they are going to have quite a bit of knowledge about the body and how it works. However, the paramedic will also learn more about how to treat the conditions in the field and stabilize the patients until they reach the next level of care at a hospital.

Proper care is key for people to recover from a medical condition or injury. The problem is a lot of people have is they are not sure how they can get the proper level of care because they are not going to the right hospital or other treatment facility. This is when people should know about the air ambulance services and how these are able to provide a top level of care, but not have people concerned about not getting to the hospital in a timely manner because of how they are going to the hospital. Learn more about air ambulance services here.

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