If you require an air ambulance or a medical flight to or from the San Diego California area, Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight (AMF) provides this service by utilizing a fleet of medically configured Learjets. We’re a leader in the air medical transport service industry, with a perfect safety record and skilled medical crews. Contact us today to discuss your air ambulance needs in San Diego, California.


Air Medical Transport Services in San Diego, California:

  • Air Medical Transports
  • Commercial Flight Medical Escorts
  • Organ Transplants
  • Domestic Air Medical Transports
  • International Air Medical Transports
  • Repatriation Flights
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Air Medical Flights
  • Oncology Medical Transports
  • Neonatal Air Ambulance
  • Injury and Illness Med Flights
  • Special Medical Facility Air Medical Services

If you’re in the San Diego, California area and need an air medical transport, we’re an experienced, professional air medical transport service company that provides service in San Diego. We work with local San Diego area medical facilities and have years of experience transporting patients to or from San Diego.


Air Ambulance Jets

front_backgroundAir Ambulance California Angel MedFlight uses jets that are medically configured to transport patients long distances. We use air ambulance jets that are modern business-class Learjet’s that have been medically reconfigured as air ambulances. Each jet is medically equipped to resemble a flying intensive care (ICU) in the sky.

The interiors of these jets are appointed with luxurious leather seating and wood trim for family members of the patient to relax and fly comfortably in. The spacious interiors can accommodate the patient, patient’s family or pet and the two team medical crew.

Each medical jet is flown by a two-team flight crew consisting of a Captain and a First Officer. Our jets are not only safe, but they are fast and efficient. Able to climb to 40,000 feet above turbulence and inclement weather, they provide the patient with a fast, smooth and safe flight, virtually anywhere in the world.


Air Ambulance Medical Teams

Our Air Medical Teams are highly trained and experienced. We only hire the best in the industry. Every patient on an air medical transport is accompanied by a two-member medical flight team consisting of a Flight Nurse and a Flight Paramedic. These medical flight teams are highly experienced and trained. They have years of experience and then go through extensive training with Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight (AMF) before ever transporting a patient. Additionally, the medical teams participate in ongoing continuing education. The medical staff can care for patients with a number of different medical conditions including, but not limited to: oncology, traumatic brain injuries, cancer, infectious diseases, cardiac and more. The two-member medical team is at the patient’s side during every segment of the transport, including ground and air. The safety of the patients that we transport at Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight (AMF) is our number one priority.


Air Medical Equipment

amf_medical_team_transporting_patientThese jets are outfitted with modern air medical equipment. Each of the air ambulance jets have been reconfigured with the latest medical equipment that enable the medical team to care for their patient while in-flight. Patients are transported on an aero-stretcher that can be interchanged from the ground ambulance to the base unit in the aircraft. The comfortable aero-stretcher securely attaches to a base unit that has been secured to the seating track of the aircraft. This system ensures the patient is safe and secure throughout the flight. Additionally, each jet is equipped to resemble a flying intensive care unit (ICU). Much like nurses in an ICU at a hospital the medical team has access to lifesaving medical equipment and medications. Aircraft are equipped with heart monitors, IV pumps, ventilators and more.


Medical Flights in San Diego, California

We provide patients with medical flights in San Diego, California. Whether you need an air medical transport to or from San Diego, California, our fixed-wing air ambulance jets are standing by to fly your patient anywhere in the U.S. or around the world. The state-of-the-art jets we use are your best choice for an air medical transport flight.



Because we use jets to transport patients, we can transport patients rapidly and safely to or from any state in the U.S., to or from medical facilities in San Diego, CA. With the use of long-range jets, we can get the patient from point A to point B faster than slower prop planes.



international_air_ambulance_locationsIt’s hard to match the long-range capability of a medical jet. They are able to fly virtually anywhere around the globe. This means that an ill or injured patient that is in an unfamiliar foreign country can be repatriated back to San Diego, California fast. If a patient is in San Diego, CA and needs to be transported internationally to their own country, we have access to the aircraft that can do the job fast and efficiently.


Why Choose Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight For Air Medical Services?

When your patient needs air medical service in California, trust Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight for your air medical services. Experience counts when the safety of your patient is at stake. Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight takes pride in having a 100% perfect safety record and have been awarded the prestigious ARG/US Platinum Safety Award. We have a team standing by 24/7 to take your call and arrange your patient transport.