On every Angel MedFlight air medical transport the patient is accompanied by a two-member medical crew, consisting of a Flight Nurse and a Flight Paramedic. These highly trained personnel are with the patient throughout every segment of the air medical transport. The medical personnel are experienced and have gone through additional training and licenser prior to transporting patients. They are experienced in flight physiology and have had extensive aircraft safety training.

Ongoing Training & Certifications

medical_transport_team1Medical personnel also take part in ongoing continuing education. Additionally, Angel MedFlight follows the FAA’s training guidelines for Air Medical Resource Management training or AMRM. The focus of AMRM is training all of the air medical service team members together on a number of topics that focus on each member’s job. This type of training promotes better communication throughout the organization.

Patient Healthcare During The Flight

The medical team can handle virtually any type of patient healthcare concern including any type of in-flight health issue. Patients need air ambulances for a number of medical reasons. A patient may need specialized treatment that is not available in their area. Perhaps time is of the essence or a commercial flight cannot be used or when a patient is traveling and becomes ill or injured, an air ambulance may be the fastest, best method for transporting a patient that needs medical monitoring.

Angel MedFlight California Medical Transport Uniqueness

Another aspect that makes Angel MedFlight’s medical transport service so unique is the fact that the medical team accompanies the patient during each segment of the transport. That means the same medical team never leaves the patient’s side during the flight and both ground transfers. This ensures continuity of care and is what Angel MedFlight calls Bedside-to-Bedside® service.