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A paramedic on an air ambulance has a very similar role to that of a paramedic in a regular ambulance.

  • They are highly trained professionals who are in charge of a patient during the flight.
  • They may triage the patient and determine whether or not they can stabilize the patient during the transport.
  • They may pick up patients at the scene of an accident and will be the senior health care professional on site.
  • They will work with or without the help of an assistant.
  • This assistant will help them with the tasks at hand.

mqdefaultThey will determine the condition of the patient and give the required medications or oxygen as required. They will have the highest tech equipment available to use and will require training on said equipment. They will understand how each equipment item works and how to properly administer it.

They will be an ongoing training and have a pre set amount of experience that is required. They will have worked in a trauma center and be familiar with several facilities in a specific radius. They will have trained extensively in flight and know how to make a quick life saving decision as required. They will be in contact with the receiving facility during the medical flight. They must maintain their certification and pass classes on a regular basis in order to maintain their job position.

This is a highly technical position that will require ongoing training, pre certification, extensive hours in a trauma center and the ability to remain calm when everyone else is screaming or highly stressed. They will have their pick of a variety of shifts including holidays, weekends and evenings as well as early morning shifts. They will be a team player and work well with their co workers in flight at all times.

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