Choosing a Company for Medical Flights

Choosing a Company for Medical Flights
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Medical flights are a service that are incredibly important for people who live in rural areas with limited health care facilities. Air evacuation and medical transportation is an essential, life-saving service that ensures that people who are injured get transport from the site of their accident to an appropriately equipped hospital as quickly as possible. Seconds count when you are injured, and an airlift is the best way to get people in the hands of the right specialists to treat their wounds.

Medical flights are often used for patients who need specialist treatment that their local hospital cannot provide. Instead of sending someone a long way in an ambulance, which can be both a risky and unpleasant experience for the patient, they are moved quickly and more safely in an aircraft.

In most cases, the people who are sent on medical flights have experienced serious trauma or are otherwise too unwell to move by road. They may be suffering from respiratory failure or a brain injury. They need sophisticated care, and will be looked after on the flight by a qualified nurse or paramedic.

There are a few different kinds of medical flight service, depending on the level of care that is needed. Some medical flights offer only simple life support. These are usually used for patients who are stable and are being moved in preparation for an operation. They may be given an IV, or need supplemental oxygen, but in general their condition is not too severe.

More Serious Health Conditions

amy vandyken videoPatients with more serious health conditions may be transported on a flight that offers advanced life support. They will be tended to by a team of nurses, and may need regular monitoring. They might require medication on a schedule, intravenous medication and other kinds of special care.

Critical care support for seriously ill or heavily injured people is offered on some flights. These patients may need care by a paramedic, and may need life-saving equipment. Some flights have defibrilators, oxygen, well-stocked dispensaries and other equipment, making them almost good enough to be considered a mobile hospital.

When to Use a Medical Flight

Medical flights are designed not only for emergency use, but also non-emergency use as well. While most companies choose the most fuel efficient vehicles, there is still the concern of carbon footprint. Journeys by air will always use more fuel than journeys by land, so health care professionals tend to recommend these journeys only when there is a clear need for them. This need is obvious in remote areas and for those who need life-saving care, however.

All aircraft that fly above 29,000ft are required to comply with strict FAA policies. Most medical flights do fly above this elevation, because it allows for faster travel, and tends to be more comfortable for the patients. The pilots and air crew operating these vehicles are fully trained in aircraft safety and regulations, and the comfort of the patients is always a priority when the plane is on the runway and in the air.

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