Committed To Safety and Customer Service For California Medical Flights

medical_flights1Angel MedFlight is committed to excellence in every aspect of air medical transports in California.

  • Flight Coordinators professionally arrange every detail on the ground and in the air for seamless patient transfers.
  • Critical Care Flight Nurses and Paramedics have the experience, training and equipment to care for even the most acute patients.
  • In-house legal department expedites insurance authorizations by verifying benefits.


Medical Flight Patient Care California

When a patient requires an air medical transport, Angel Med Flight is there. From the initial call to us, our team manages the transport process. Our company is a leader in the air ambulance industry and our team acts as the patient’s advocate.

From your first call with a Registered Nurse/Flight Coordinator, the entire team works for you. From the claims process with the insurance company to the ground and air transportation, we handle it all.

We have the availability to transport patients to and from California and around the world, with the fleet of fast, reliable Learjets we use. The flight team is in contact with the facility that the patient is being transported to and the patient’s case manager will be kept informed along the way, offering peace of mind to the friends and family members of the patients.

The Angel MedFlight crew is trained in the safe operation of the aircraft, and is completely devoted to aviation safety and the comfort of their passengers. The medical team is with the patient every step of the way with our trademarked Bedside-to-Bedside® service. The comfort and safety of the patients we transport is our number-one priority. No matter what the patient’s condition or health issue is, they will be accompanied by a medical flight team consisting of a Flight Nurse and a Flight Paramedic.


custom_air_medical_stretcherMedical Equipment In-Flight

State-of-the-art communications equipment allows the flight team to be in constant communication with the receiving facility in California or another state at all times, so that the patient’s condition can be relayed. This way if the patient is headed to surgery the flight team can have that patient as ready as possible to go into surgery upon arrival.

When time is of the essence, you can count on the flight team being ready and able to transport the patient to the receiving facility. Available 24/7/365 the Angel Med Flight California Team is there when you need us most.


Highest Quality Care

Patients are given the highest quality care by highly trained specialists who understand air medical transport. No matter what the patient’s medical condition is, you can count on Angel Med Flight’s California team. Quality care comes first at Angel MedFlight.