Patients often need to be moved from one hospital to another via an air ambulance. We offer this service for patients in Los Angeles California. Our companies’ safety record is perfect. We fly patients on medically configured business jets. Our medical and flight personnel are highly trained and are professionals in the medical transport business. Patients in the Los Angeles, CA area can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.


Best Air Ambulance Services in Los Angeles, California

  • Air Medical Flights
  • Medical Escorts
  • Organ Transplants Flights
  • Domestic Transports
  • International Transports
  • Repatriation Flights
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Flights
  • Oncology Medical Flights
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  • Injury and Illness Air Medical Transports
  • Medical Facility Transports


Air Ambulance Jets

Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance JetAir ambulance jets are fast and safe. We utilize Learjet’s for patient transports. They provide patients a comfortable flight experience. Each aircraft is designed with modern medical equipment. The aircraft we fly are clean and designed for comfort. They have leather seating and spacious cabins that are large enough for family or friends to fly with the patient on a transport.

We’re proud that all of the aircraft we use are safe for the patients we fly. On every mission we fly there are two pilots and two medical staff on-board the aircraft. The aircraft can fly at near supersonic speeds and can reach destinations that smaller aircraft can’t. We fly at higher altitudes, above bad weather and busy airways, so patients are comfortable.


Air Ambulance Medical Crews

angel_medflight_air_ambulance_medical_teamOur Air Medical Crew members consist of some of the most talented flight nurses and flight paramedics in the business. The medical crew members have years of experience working in emergency room settings and as EMTs. Employees of Angel MedFlight also participate in additional clinical training in our in-house training facility. They practice all types of scenarios that prepare them for any type of patient’s health issue or in the event of an emergency. They are licensed in flight physiology and understand the differences of caring for a patient in-flight. They attend safety training too.


Air Medical Equipment

The aircraft are configured with modern medical equipment. Each of these jets has been outfitted with the latest medical devices that help the medical crew members to care for the patients during the transport. Patients are transported using special aero stretcher that can be moved from the ground ambulance to a special base inside the jet. The aero-stretcher attaches to a unit that has been placed on the seating track of the jet. This secure stretcher ensures the patient is safe and comfortable in-flight. Every jet is also reconfigured like an intensive care unit (ICU). Much like medical staff in an intensive care unit at a medical facility, the medical crew has access to the same medical devices and medications. Each jet is equipped with portable heart monitors, IV pumps, and ventilators. Very similar to the medical equipment found in a hospital.


Medical Flights in Los Angeles, California

Patients in Los Angeles can count on Angel MedFlight to transport them anywhere in the world. Transporting a patient on Angel MedFlight is your best choice for safe, fast service.



We have the ability to fly a patient anywhere in the United States. Los Angeles patients can be quickly moved for one hospital to another using our service.



With jets we can move a patient quickly anywhere around the globe. We have years of experience flying internationally. Our crews have experience flying to over 30 countries.


Air Medical Transports in Los Angeles, California

Case manager, doctors and medical facilities in Los Angeles can contact Angel MedFlight California for any air medial transport services. We work with many medical facilities in the Los Angeles area for patient transport needs and our entire team is trained to handle many different types of medical transports. Our flight coordinators will not only schedule your air medical flight, but will also schedule your ground ambulance services with local companies as well. This is why we call our services a full Bedside-to-Bedside® service.


Why Choose Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight For Air Medical Services?

We have the experience to assist California patients with medical flights. You want to use the best when it comes to medical transports. Our proven safety record, professional flight coordinators, usage of modern jets and expert flight nurses and flight paramedics are just a few reasons why you can trust Angel MedFlight California with your patient. We’re available around the clock to answer your questions. Contact one of our professional flight coordinators today.