We work with most insurance companies and try to not only file the claim on your behalf, but we also try to obtain a medical flight per-authorization from your health insurance provider. Some of the major brands that we have worked with in the past are:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care


The Air Ambulance California AMF team tries to obtain a pre-authorization letter from your health insurance company. Each and every single patient we work with is unique and has different requirements when being transported for medical reasons. One of the main factors your health insurance uses to determine if they will cover the air ambulance cost is medical necessity. For us to best determine if your or your loved ones insurance will cover the cost of air medical transportation, it is advisable to contact one of our RN/Flight Coordinators. The Air Ambulance California AMF team goes above and beyond “just helping you file your health insurance paperwork for the air ambulance flight.” We understand that the filing of your paperwork is just the beginning of the entire medical transport process. Our team, unlike other companies, we are with your from start to finish working with your insurance company and assisting you with obtaining the insurance benefits provided in your insurance coverage.


The Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight team utilizes business class jets, like the Lear 35 and Lear 60, so we can fly you anywhere in the world. We provide both domestic and international medical transport services from and to California.


  1. Our Flight Coordination Department includes licensed nurses, case managers and healthcare professionals
  2. We handle and arrange all the ground and air transportation services you may need
  3. During the medical transport, our medical crew is with you every step of the way
  4. On every flight that Air Ambulance California AMF flies, we have a paramedic and a nurse that will fly with you
  5. Our biggest priority is your safety. We use exceptional pilots and state-of-the-art equipment and aircraft to transport our patients to their new destination
  6. Our entire team is trained to communicate with the patient, the patients family and the case manger involved in the air ambulance transport
Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight is a company that claims to be one of the leaders in the industry and we can back up our claims. There are so many different companies you can choose from that make promises that may not be able to keep. It is a priority to our team to demonstrate and highlight what we do and how we do it through videos, endorsements, certifications (ARGUS International, the Arizona Better Business Bureau, the Arizona Department of Health Services) and testimonials from past patients, their families and case managers. We are confident that using the Air Ambulance California AMF services, you will see why we are different and you will be completely satisfied.


There are several different variables that we take into consideration when choosing the best aircraft to fit our patients needs. Some of those considerations are:
  • The patients condition
  • Length of the flight
  • Number of passengers traveling with the patient
All aircraft are equipped with the same life sustaining medical equipment and flight-experienced medical teams.


To ensure continuity of care, our medical team is with the patient from the very beginning. Our team arrives at the patient’s bedside at the sending facility or hospital. We meet with sending medical staff, assess the patient’s condition. Our team accompanies the patient in the ground ambulance to the airfield, constantly monitoring patient condition. The Angel MedFlight team flies with the patient, then accompanies the patient by ground ambulance to the receiving hospital or facility. We discuss the trip with the receiving medical staff to ensure that they are up to date on the patient’s current condition.  At this point, we have come full circle, and in so doing, have assured the patient has received the finest medical care.


The number of family members that can travel with a patient is determined by the jet that is being used, how many medical personnel are on board, the patients condition and the medical equipment needed for the patient. Angel Medflight uses medically configured Learjet 35’s and 60’s for patients and these jets can usually accommodate 1-2 family members to travel with the patient along with the two critical care personnel on board.