At Angel MedFlight of California, Safety Is Paramount

At Angel MedFlight patients are transported in medically-configured Learjet 35s and 60s which feature advanced avionics equipment.

Angel MedFlight employees, including the medical teams and flight crew go through extensive training in flight physiology before ever transporting a patient. All employees that have contact with patients go through Air Medical Resource Management training and medical crews attend continuing education training. Angel MedFlight maintains a spotless safety record and has been awarded the ARG/US Platinum Safety Award.

At times an ill or injured patient may not be able to fly commercially or be able to be transported via ground transportation. This is when an air ambulance is most beneficial. These Learjet air ambulances can transport patients safely and comfortably over long distances, both domestically and internationally.


The Air Medical Transportation Process

With Angel MedFlight’s One Touch Promise® patients, their families or Case Managers contact Angel MedFlight and are immediately put in touch with a Flight Coordinator, whose responsibility is to arrange, schedule and coordinate every aspect of the air medical transport, including, but not limited to: contacting the patient’s insurance company, communicating with the sending and receiving medical facility and arranging ground transportation.

Patients are transported by highly-trained and experienced medical teams, which consist of a Flight Nurse and Flight Paramedic. All aircraft are medically equipped to resemble a flying Intensive Care Unit (ICU). With Angel MedFlight’s trademarked service called Bedside-to-Bedside® service, the same medical team is at the patient’s side for every segment of the transport, ensuring continuity of care.

Each aircraft we use is equipped with the LifePort PLUS system; a base unit that attaches to the floor seating track of the aircraft. A special aero-stretcher attaches to the LifePort system and assures the patient is safe and secure throughout the transport.

In addition to the LifePort system and aero-stretcher other essential equipment found onboard each medical jet includes: defibrillators, ventilators, IV pumps, heart monitors and medications.

Throughout the entire air medical transport, Angel MedFlight’s team of professionals is on the patient’s side, acting as their advocate. Angel MedFlight is committed to being the world’s leading air ambulance company.

lear60_aircraft lear35_aircraftThe Angel Med Flight medical crew is trained in safe operations of the aircraft and is completely devoted to aviation safety and the comfort of our patients. The entire process is designed with Bedside-to-Bedside® care and comfort in mind and the patients case manager will be kept informed along the way, offering peace of mind to the friends and family members of the patients.

Using a fleet of modern, medically-dedicated jets fitted with state-of-the-art medical and technological equipment gives us the opportunity to provide our patients a fast and safe air medical transport. At Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance California, our pride is in seeing our patients, their loved ones and caregivers have peace of mind throughout the process.