Our Air Medical Services Include To And From California:

We are patient transport experts, experienced in making each Bedside-to-Bedside® medical transfer the safest transition of care available. We are:

Critical Care Medical Flight Nurses and Paramedics
-Nurse/Case Manager Flight Coordinators
-Aviation Professionals
-Insurance Benefits Specialists

Whether your needs call for a domestic transfer, international medical evacuation or a commercial airline escort, we are by your side every step of the way.

Air Medical Transport California

Angel MedFlight’s industry leading services starts on your first phone call and speaking to our flight coordination team. When you call us, you will speak to a Case Manager that is also a registered nurse who will explain the entire process of our air medical transport services in detail. Our Registered Nurse Case Managers are available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We understand the small details and being available to you if you need to schedule a medical flight.

All of our flights include a 2-person medical team consisting of a Critical Care Nurse and Paramedic that are with the patient every step of the way. This is highlighted in our Bedside-to-Bedside® service, which provides an exceptional experience to every patient that flies with Angel MedFlight.

Domestic Transport Services by AMF California-Domestic Patient Transport California

Patients that cannot take a commercial airline flight or utilize a ground ambulance due to the distance traveling, will utilize a domestic air ambulance. Our domestic transport services utilize a jet that is not only medically-configured, but also provides the most up-to-date medical equipment on board the flight. Our medical team that transports the patient all of the United States is trained and certified for in flight medical care and treatment.

International Air Ambulance Transport Services by AMF California-International Patient Transport California

As a worldwide air ambulance, Angel MedFlight can transport patients from one facility to another anywhere in the world. Some of our patients that we transfer internationally are: soldiers, military personnel and veterans, facility transfers from another country to the U.S., returning patients to their home state for long-term care and patients that are injured or get sick while traveling abroad. International medical transports is a specialty service that Air Ambulance California Angel MedFlight can offer, when many other companies cant not.

Specialty Air Medical Transport Services - AMF California-Specialty Care Patient Transports California

Since Angel MedFlight provides both domestic and international air ambulance jet services, we can transport just about any type of medical condition within the United States or from another country. In some cases, based upon the needs of the patient, we can even provide commercial medical escort services. Some of the types of patients we transport are, but not limited to: burn and wound patients, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, status post trauma, organ transplant recipients, open or closed head injuries, respiratory illness, cancer patients.

-Organ Transports California

The transport of live organs is a time sensitive transport that requires speed of the organ transport and in some cases the medical team that is performing the organ transplant. Cold ischemic storage helps reduce the damage of live organs and provide more time for organ transport. This is a relatively new service, but one that is on the rise as medical technology increases and more people entering into the organ donation list.


An insurance claim for a medical flight can last up to 2 years. At no additional cost to the patient or their families, our legal team advocates on behalf of our patients in order to get the insurance claim processed and completed. Our services start with a phone call to our Flight Coordinators, but our team is with you every step of the way.